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Birthdate:Oct 9
Short bio: I showed up a while back, and I ain't gone yet. In the meantime, I did some stuff.

Slightly longer -- I've been operating under one screen name, in some form, in various Internet venues, since 1996, so this is a departure, this renaming. (Or, additional naming?). This is gonna be my official writing journal, a riff on NaNoWriMo '07. I anticipate about 99.9 percent of it will be private and/or friends-locked. Friending policy is under development.

I will make no special attempts to be "inoffensive,""clean,""appropriate for minors,""heteronormative," or "palatable to members of majority culture" -- or minority culture, really -- any of that stuff.

Overall, by nature, I'm pretty much the opposite of outrageous and offensive anyway, so that should be fine, but dudes, if I don't know you and you're poking around my journal and see something you don't like and feel should not exist... just go away? I mean really.

That said, it is not my goal to piss people off. I'm moderate by inclination and centrist in my general views; I don't anticipate problems from people who are not looking for problems to begin with?

If you are not invited here by Cammalot, it doesn't mean I love you any less -- it means only that our interests intersect elsewhere.

If you are invited here, it means I'm putting a great deal of trust in you -- firstly, that nothing posted here will show up elsewhere, in any form. This is not a fanfic journal.

Still figuring stuff out. Will probably edit this extensively.

[January, 2008]

Um...this is kind of all redundant now since this is more or less a completely locked journal...*sheepish* and never really got the chance to be much else. Whoops. Eh, we'll see how things progress. At any rate, I promise I'm nice. ^___^

[May, 2010]
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